About Us

MONDAL DISTRIBUTION PVT LTD — The Group’s principal activity is distributing consumer Durable products. It operates in two segments: Wholesale Distribution Segment and Retail Segment Wholesale distribution segment distributes consumer durable products including TV, Refrigerators, washer & home theatre System, MWO and other home appliances products. We operate quite 350 shops in Murshidabad, Malda, Dinajpur . It distributes over 860 different consumer products, also, it markets institutional sales and direct sales also. Its operation includes 3 own retail stores throughout the Murshidabad.

MONDALS’, legacy of excellence — a replacement BRAND OF MONDAL DISTRIBUTION PVT LTD is the most important and leading retail store of Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, IT products & Cameras in Berhampore, West Bengal. Its name is MONDALS’. It gives its customers best value for money, the best range of products best in quality and repair have been the primary principle at Mondals’ since its inception as a partnership firm by Mrs. Sushama Mondal with strong support of Mr. B.C.Mondal , a visionary with astute business acumen and foresight. A marvellous journey that began with little Electronics Showroom at Farakka, Mondals’ has since evolved and has become one of most trusted biggest retail stores in Murshidabad. Serving Central & North Bengal since 1986.

About Mondal Distribution Pvt Ltd:

Founders and Managing Directors of the company – Mr. B.C. MONDAL and Mrs. SUSHAMA MONDAL • Firstly it had been mentioned as Mondal Radio Stores, opened in Aug 1986 at Farakka, NTPC More. It had been just 55 SFT showroom, renovated in 1990 and continued to cater to the guests of all budgets and preferences. It is still the foremost valued and precious showroom to us. Further, we have started our operations in Berhampore in 1994 and have many purchasers who believe on us generation wise thanks at our quality of service and transparency. Employees who had started their first job with us from very beginning is still working with us & have reached a far better position in Mondal Distribution Private Limited.

Our Culture

  • The beliefs and values shared by the folks that add an organization
  • Treat people with respect and equality
  • Our people are very supportive and friendly to each other
  • Our people are very closed to our customers and clients
  • Empower people to maximize their potential and contribution.
  • Promote open and honest communication.
  • Provide a secure and hygienic work environment for all employees.

Our Main key point (USP)

  • Provide excellent service
  • Trust
  • Transparency


What began as little TV showroom in Farakka in 1986, has way back evolved into one of. The trusted Electronics store in Murshidabad and Mr. B C Mondal, an entrepreneurial skill including astute business acumen, has always focused on giving customers the only in quality and services. We have always been a firm believer in servicing customer needs and efficient post-sales services. Our customer-focussed policies in conjunction with the intuitive understanding of emerging markets has led MONDALS’ from strength to strength. Due to a very good relationship with quite Twenty suppliers of well-know and established brands, we will offer prompt and reliable Aftersales services to all or any customers.


  • Focused on service, customer satisfaction and to work out long-lasting partnerships with employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • To be recognized as a pacesetter in quality retail cum distribution organisation.

one among the leading Offline and Online Retailer of Electronics products.


Mondal Distribution Pvt Ltd could also be knowledgeable distribution and retail organisation committed to:

  • Distributing branded retail merchandise to our loyal customers within the independent markets.
  • To distribute the products during a reliable, secure, safe, environmentally responsible & cost-effective manner.
  • Differentiating ourselves by providing the only customer service to quality customers.
  • Creating an environment which motivates employees to understand maximum sales potential.
  • Valuing long-term relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Maintaining a vision towards the long run by positioning ourselves to need the lead with industry changes while maintaining our commitment to set the standard within the industry.
  • Give its customers excellent service, the best value, the best products.
  • Honesty and transparent towards our customers.
  • Principals and our associates would be the pillar on which MONDALS’ would stand and grow.

What We Do

Our USP has been that we have retained our customers and our employees both. We’ve employees who are still working with us from 90s. Most of the workers who were with us in our growing days are still associated with us and treat our office like their home and because of this dedication from them and our continuous support in every way possible to them and their families we were able to create this position for our business. It is considerably true that no business can grow alone, Employers brains / innovation and honesty towards the profession in conjunction with employee’s dedication and endless nights & days of diligence makes a 1st generation business stand the way it’s today.


  1. Work closely with our customers to know their needs and supply top quality products services.
  2. Recognize the strengths of these we work with and focus our efforts on helping them overcome their weaknesses.
  3. Treat all individuals politely, dignity, and respect.
  4. Work together as a team to supply quality services.
  5. Recognize the worth of all employees in achieving our goals.
  6. Work cooperatively to unravel problems and develop solutions.
  7. Provide a piece environment which motivates our employees and encourages independence, cooperation, respect, andCommietment Customers

Commitment to Customers

We are committed to provide the very best levels of customer service in the least times and have developed a transparent commitment to you. Our goal is to supply you quality products and excellent customer service. We glance forward to grow with you and continue providing excellent solutions at our customers. Keeping you as our valued customer is an extremely important for our success.



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