Pureit HUL Classic X RO+UV WCUX200 Water Purifier

  • Color: White and Blue, Capacity: 6 litres, Power: 55 watts, Input Water Temperature: 10˚ to 40˚C, Operative Input voltage: 100 -300V ac; 50Hz, Material tank type: Food grade engineered plastic
  • Installation: Free installation is provided by the brand. Please wait for 24 hrs for the brand to contact you post-delivery.please wait for 48 hrs for brand to contact you post delivery.
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm. Please use a TDS meter to find out the correct TDS of your water source before buying a water purifier
  • Product Dimensions: Length 19.9 cm X Width 29.7cm X Height 43.5cm
  • Warranty: 1 year on product (Consumables and additional accessories are not covered in warranty)

  • Included in the box: Water Purifier, Installation Kit, External Sediment Filter Excluded in the box: Booster pump, Pressure Reducing Valve. Iron Cartridge (these are based on pressure condition, to be purchased at the time of installation)
  • HUL Pureit Classic G2 Mineral RO + UV water purifier provides advanced 6-stage purification. It includes a mineral cartridge that adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium
  • Purification process makes sure that all water passes through RO ensuring no mixing of purified and impure water to give 100% RO purified water
  • It has a long filter life of 6000 litres, which is double the life of ordinary filters. It has a low maintenance cost that reduces the expense to only 50 paise/litre
  • The device features an advance alert and an auto-shut off system that makes sure you never get impure water

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Pureit Classic G2 Mineral RO + UV

Pureit Classic G2 Mineral RO + UV
  • About the Device

    About the Device

    Pureit brings to you the Pureit Classic G2 RO+UV^ with its superior RO purification technology that reduces the maintenance cost and at the same time increases the filter life by 2 times* as compared to ordinary water purifiers.
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost*

    Lowest Maintenance Cost*

    Think a water purifier always comes with a high maintenance cost? Think again. Pureit introduces the new classic G2 RO+UV^, which reduces the maintenance cost to less than 50 paise / litre*^.
  • Double Filter Life

    Double Filter Life

    Gone are the days of changing the filter of your water purifier time and again. The Pureit Classic G2 RO+UV^ has a long filter life of 6000 litres* as compared to the standard filter life of 3000 litres in ordinary purifiers.
  • High Water Saving*

    High Water Saving*

    With water shortage being an ever-increasing problem, who doesn’t want to save water? The Pureit Classic G2 RO+UV^ saves water up to 35% whereas ordinary RO saves water only up to 25%.


  • 100% RO purified water

    100% RO purified water

    All water passes through RO ensuring no mixing of purified and impure water. Only RO can remove harmful chemicals like Lead, Mercury, etc.

  • Advanced 6 stage purification process with RO+UV^

    Advanced 6 stage purification process with RO+UV^

    Every drop of water you drink is sweet and always safe.



    Enriches water by adding essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.

  • Water level indicator

    Water level indicator

    You will never run out of purified water.



    100% guarantee of safe and sweet water.

  • Smart Power Mode

    Smart Power Mode

    Device goes on stand-by once the tank is full, saving power.

  • 100% Food Grade Plastic***

    100% Food Grade Plastic***

    Prevents harmful toxins from leaching into water.

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6 Litres Water Storage Capacity

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Water Purifier Type


Specification for Water Purifier
  • Weight
    (Complete Unit)
    7.3 kg
  • Flow Rate
    Flow Rate
    Up to 20 litres/hour
  • 6 Stage Purifying Technology
    6 Stage Purifying Technology
    Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Mini Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Micro Filtration Membrane and Post-RO Carbon Filter
  • Membrane Type
    Membrane Type
    Thin film composite spiral wound
  • Pump Type
    Pump Type
    Diaphragm pump, 24 V DC
  • % Recovery*
    % Recovery*
    Typically 25%
  • TDS Reduction***
    TDS Reduction***
    90% (Min.)
  • Power Rating
    Power Rating
    55 Watts Maximum
  • Pressure Rating
    Pressure Rating
    10–30 PSI****
  • Input Voltage
    Input Voltage
    100 – 240 Vac; 50 Hz
  • Material of Construction
    Material of Construction
    Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics
  • Length of Power Cord
    Length of Power Cord
    1.5 metres
  • Total Dissolved Solids in Input Water
    Total Dissolved Solids in Input Water
    Up to 2000 mg/lit
  • Total Hardness
    Total Hardness
    500 mg/lit (max)
  • Iron in Input Water
    Iron in Input Water
    0.3 mg/lit (max.)
  • Turbidity of Input Water
    Turbidity of Input Water
    1 NTU (Max)
Specification for Germkill Kit™
GKK Life: 6000 Litres*

GKK Life: 6000 Litres*

Meets stringent international criteria for microbiologically safe drinking water – e.g. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA

Material of Construction

Material of Construction

Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics



Pre-Sediment Filter – 1 No. I Pre-RO Carbon Filter – 1 No. I Post-RO Carbon Filter – 1 No.
Mini Filter – 1 No. I RO Membrane – 1 No. I Micro Filtration Membrane – 1 No. in case of RO+UV^ I TDS Modulator – 1 No.



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