Journey of a Refurbished Product


Customer buys a new Product


Returns it due to various reasons


Refurbished by professionals


Stringent quality checks


Restored to proper functioning condition


Product listed as a refurbished product for sale

What is a Refurbished Product?


A refurbished product is repaired by professionals and restored to its proper functioning condition. It may also be an unused customer return that is essentially a “new” item. The product goes through stringent quality checks for any faults before it is put up for sale. The product is covered under manufacturer warranty; hence buyers can enjoy after-sale services just like a new product. Do note that it may show minor signs of wear & tear due to handling.


What are Open-Box Products?


Open box products are those that have either not been used at all but have their seal opened or they were returned by the customer within working 7 days due to various reasons. These products go through stringent quality checks for any faults before they are put up for sale, and re-sold at a discounted pricing, rather than being returned to the manufacturer. Open box products include the original box and all accessories in perfect working condition, as provided by the manufacturer and covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore buyers can enjoy after-sale services just like a new product. Do note that it may show minor signs of wear & tear due to handling.


How are Refurbished Products Different from Used ones?


Refurbished Products are thoroughly checked and restored to their proper functioning condition as well as original settings before they are resold. If these products have any fault, the professionals fix them before putting them up for sale again.


Buying Refurbished Products at MONDALS’


With new products being launched almost every day, gadget lovers often have an urge of replacing their existing products with the latest one. However, the frequent upgradation may cause a dent in the pocket. Well, one of the best ways to deal with this situation is to buy refurbished products. They do not cost much and thus can be bought as and when you wish to upgrade your products. MONDALS’ has a wide assortment of refurbished products from leading brands. You can browse through the choicest collection of refurbished products and shop your favourite ones from the comfort of your home. Search now for amazing deals at




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